I'm not dead - I've just been saving my energy for #indyzoob

I'm campaigning to be part of IndyHub's #indyzoob Twitter team at this year's Indianapolis Zoo Zoobilation.

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New song: "My Pit Bull"

I made a song. About dogs. Because I like songs and dogs. Subscribe to my podcast to get it and the next song and the next song and the next song. For free.

People ask me, "Why there are so many Pit Bulls in shelters?" Because people 1) want to pretend they're tough and are ignorant of the fact that 2) if they don't fix their Pit Bulls/Pit mixes, 3) they'll make more dogs that 4) aren't fixed and 5) make more dogs that 6) end up unwanted in shelters and 7) are castigated ultimately with death because they're 8) villainized by the media and 9) unwanted except by people who a) want to save them from shelters because they're great dogs or b) want to pretend they're tough (and the cycle starts anew.)

Tiger Shark: "My Pit Bull"




Blast from the past: Valentine's Day music mix

I didn't make a Valentine's Day mix of music this year. But I did last year. So if you forgot to get your loved one an expensive gift, download Sappy Valentine's Day for free and tell them you invested hours and hours of your life creating it because you love them so much.


The Temptations - “My Girl”
Aaliyah - “One in a Million”
Art of Noise - “Moments in Love”
Isaac Hayes - “Your Love is So Doggone Good”
Air - “Playground Love”
Kanye West - “Blame Game”
Lil Wayne  ft. Drake - “With You”
Tricky - “Love Cats (Cure cover)”
The Knife - “Heartbeats”
Tom Tom Club - “Genius of Love”
Chaka Khan - “Ain’t Nobody”
Michael Penn - “No Myth”
Nicolay - “I Love the Way You Love”
Hall & Oates - “One on One”
Snoop Dogg - “Beautiful”
Curtis Mayfield - “Gimme Your Love”
The Delfonics - “La-La Means I Love You”
Stevie Wonder - “I Was Made to Love Her”
Blackstreet - “No Diggity (Soulwax remix)”
Jamie Lidell - “A Little Bit More”
The Cardigans - “Lovefool”
Paul McCartney and Wings - “Silly Love Songs”
Mstrkrft - “Easy Love”
Neil Young - “When You Dance You Can Really Love”
The Dead 60’s - “Just Another Love Song”
Anita Ward - “Ring My Bell”
Edwin Collins - “A Girl Like You”
Purple Crush - Two of Hearts
Heart - “Magic Man”
Rusko - “I Love You”
The Blow - “Hock It (YACHT remix)”
The Presets - “This Boy’s in Love”
The Cure - “Love Song”
Cut Copy - “Feel the Love”
Smashing Pumpkins - “Stand Inside Your Love”
King Biscuit Time - “I Love You”
Bob Dylan - “Lay Lady Lay”
Yeasayer - “Love Me Girl”
XTC - “When You’re Near Me I have Difficulty Breathing”
Hot Chip - “Hand Me Down Your Love”
Tiger Shark - "I Would Die 4 U (Prince cover)"

If you made it this far on the page, I love you and am making more music for you soon.

Download the Sappy Valentine's Day music mix


The 5 Best Electronic Music Podcasts

5. Mad Decent Worldwide Radio

Diplo & crew aren't reliable - Mad Decent Worldwide Radio episodes seem to come out on no set schedule, and because they feature a wide variety of dance music, some of the DJs' mixes offer more to chew on than others - but they are pure fun and offer unexpected surprises.

4. The John B Podcast

I wasn't sure who John B was when he walked up to a club in South Beach, dressed in DayGlo and hair standing at attention. My first thought was that he was just another club kid in need of attention, who had a whole lotta friends to give it to him: nearly everyone standing in line to get in flocked to him when he walked up.

I learned who he was a few hours later, when he took over the decks to massive cheers in the club/laundromat and played an impressive mix of drum 'n' bass, techno and self-produced punkers like "Stalking U on Myspace." 

The voiceover in the UK DJ's episode #92, a live recording in Braunschweig, Germany, summarizes The John B Podcast - and his sense of humor - nicely:

It was a time of war, a world where electronic music was under attack from the evil hordes of reality television: the armies of The X Factor, the legions of American Idol, and worst of all, those fist-pumping douchebags from Jersey Shore. Techno fought against electro, dubstep versus drum 'n' bass. But now, it's time for a change. One man will bring these worlds together once more. Drum 'n' bass united with the world of electro, techno and bass. Part human, part machine, raised on a distant planet by robots - electro, drum machines and synthesizers. And now, this man is here tonight, the undisputed master of drum 'n' bass. Ladies and gentlemen, hold on to your panties, put your hands in the air and make some noise for your DJ tonight.

3. Kick in the Eye

Over several hours in each monthly episode of Kick in the Eye, @themutante and @mrjohnkennedy bring you sounds that suck, sonics that scare you, songs that you love when you remember them, and music that reaches into all corners of your life.

2. XLR8R Audio Podcast

Invariably, the XLR8R Audio Podcast is the best music for working to, playing in the background while dining with friends, or having a late-night chillout session. Techno, house, R&B, dubstep, disco, and every sub-genre in between is woven into a series that's amazing in its consistency - and variety.

1. Solid Steel

Ninja Tune's mastery of vintage hip-hop, modern electro and bass is equalled by none other and their regular Solid Steel podcast Especially good for motor-vehicular travel and appreciating the increasingly sci-fi nature of your daily existence.

Bonus: WNYC's Radiolab

WNYC's Radiolab isn't an electronic-music podcast, but definitely a show that wouldn't be possible without electronic audio devices creating amazing sonics. Stories and sound effects take you on a tour of places and experiences you've heard of but never lived through.


The Tiger Shark podcast ain't too shabby, either. I just posted a new song to it and will have some more mixes available soon, too.